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The new International Association for Regenerative Therapy (IART) welcomes interested members to get involved by volunteering for one of our many committees and/or running for the Board.  The Board and Committees will work closely together to develop the infrastructure of our new Association.  Your participation and input will help us determine how best to support our members and work together to advance the science and art of regenerative therapies.

Board of Directors

Directors are elected by the membership at each annual meeting.  Board members are expected to participate in regularly scheduled board meetings, develop plans, manage the budget and act as needed to advance our mission.  No fewer than 7 and no more than 15 Directors are elected to serve 2-year terms and are eligible to serve up to 3 consecutive terms.


Annual Conference

Plans the annual conference, including: setting schedule, confirming speakers, recruiting sponsors, managing posters, continuing education and evaluation.


During the next year, an Awards Committee will be asked to recommend annual awards to be presented by the new Association.  The committee will annually review nominations and recommend award winners to the board.


Communication plans include print, digital and social media. Prepare and manage an annual communications calendar.  Develop and share more immediate and timely communication as needed.

Finance Committee

Develops an annual budget for board review and approval based on strategic plan goals.  Meets during the year as needed to assess progress and report to the board.


Develop and manage plans to recruit, retain and welcome members.

Nominating Committee

Meets during the year to recruit and prepare a slate of candidates for the Board of Directors to be elected by the membership.

Procedure Guide

Review, edit and update the Procedure Guide on a regular basis.

Service Learning Trips

Develop the curriculum and training offered on the trips.  Coordinate with HHPF.  Manage CME for the event.

Regional Workshops

A Committee of volunteers will be formed to help develop Regional Workshops.  The Committee will recommend and help coordinate the location and faculty.

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