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President's Message: IART is Growing!

August 10, 2020 12:55 | Deleted user

Life has changed for everyone in the last 8 months and invited us to become flexible and adaptable to changes related to the pandemic; and businesses, professional associations and organizations are no exception. As Albert Einstein said, “in the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunity.”

We all know the crisis, but I want to share IART’s response to the opportunity side of this equation. We can all appreciate that “pre-COVID” in-person platforms for learning may now pose a health and safety threat. To that end, IART has re-grouped. IART has developed new strategies to provide educational trainings in prolotherapy and regenerative treatments for physicians. To support these strategies, IART has expanded its Board of Directors and reorganized our governance structure. IART is adapting to a future of unknowns and is creating new paths to learn prolotherapy and support the professional development of physicians.

In the first time in history, the 2020 October Prolotherapy Conference in Madison, Wisconsin will be virtual. The opportunity you ask. More people will be able to access the program, no travel expenses, it poses no health or safety threats, it will be recorded for future viewing, and the program content has been expanded. More information is available on the IART website. We look forward to your participation.

IART has also created the “Web Connections” series. This is a virtual meeting platform to learn and share pertinent information about our profession and practices. The first Web Connection was held on July 28 with our panelists discussing the effects of and response to the pandemic and their practices. If you missed the meeting, please feel free to hear a recording of the discussion on our website.

We have expanded our Board and Committee structures. The opportunity you ask. More people and therefore more skills and wisdom are involved to strategize to support IART members and colleagues. Our committees are focused on training materials (Training Module Committee), online conferences (Online Conference Committee) and communication (Communication Committee). Please welcome our Board of Directors and Committee members.

We are all in this together. IART wants to support you and adapt to the unknowns we are all dealing with. Thank you to all our members and to those of you that have not yet joined, please consider it.

Wishing everyone health and safety for you and your families.


Annette Zaharoff, MD
President, IART
HHPF, Board member

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