About IART




IART’s mission will be to teach globally, certify professionals in prolotherapy and other regenerative medicine treatments and to share innovative techniques to treat chronic pain and relieve suffering. IART will be a professional membership association that will:

  • Offer membership for medical professionals interested in using prolotherapy and other regenerative therapies as a treatment for chronic pain;
  • Provide educational trainings and materials in prolotherapy and other regenerative therapies;
  • Provide mentorship and networking opportunities for medical professionals;
  • Certify practitioners of prolotherapy and over time, other regenerative therapies; and
  • Advocate for the increased availability of regenerative therapies.

Regenerative Therapy

Prolotherapy, also called proliferation therapy is an injection-based treatment used in chronic musculoskeletal conditions. It has been characterized as an alternative medicine practice.


At the October 2018 HHPF Madison Conference, it was announced that after a lengthy study by the HHPF Board and its governance team, a new aligned association would be created to sustain and expand regenerative medicine treatments such as prolotherapy. A collection of volunteers worked throughout the following 12 months to build the new association.  The result of their work was the launch of the new “International Association for Regenerative Therapy” (IART) in fall of 2019!

IART is created to serve as an independent organization yet remain aligned with HHPF.  IART will focus on education and training while HHPF will focus on service and other philanthropic endeavors to advance the treatment of chronic pain. We wish to maintain the passion and values that have made HHPF such an inviting organization.